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February 19, 2020 - News24 (Cape Town)

SOUTH AFRICA: Saying ‘no’ to animal cruelty

SOUTH AFRICA: Saying ‘no’ to animal cruelty
Animal activist, part of Cube of TruthCredit: Anonymous for the Voiceless

THE inaugural Cube of Truth event in Pietermaritzburg will be held this Saturday.

Organised by Saihashna Rajkumar, the Cube of Truth is a vegan outreach-based activism event where the public is shown the various ways in which humans needlessly exploit animals for food, clothing, cosmetics, entertainment and much more. “It is the very first time that vegan activism will be taking place in Pietermaritzburg and I will be hosting the event on behalf of Anonymous for the Voiceless, which is an international animal rights organisation based in Australia. “Anonymous for the Voiceless takes an abolitionist stance on animal exploitation,” said Rajkumar.

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