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October 08, 2019 - GruntVegan

A Sea of Suffering - Undercover Video Shows Salmon Factory Farm Cruelty

A Sea of Suffering - Undercover Video Shows Salmon Factory Farm Cruelty
 Credit: Compassion Over Killing

"Just as billions of land animals suffer inside factory farms, so too do farmed fish. Often crowded by the tens of thousands in filthy tanks, farmed fish can succumb to disease and parasites."

The plight of trillions of fish and other sentient living beings from the oceans often goes unheard. But "the science on fish sentience is clear: fish have the capacity to suffer and feel pain," says Becca Franks, Fish scientist.

Compassion Over Killing’s (COK) new investigation is the first-ever undercover exposé of salmon aquaculture in the U.S.

An undercover video of a salmon hatchery in Maine, shows fish being smashed against posts, stomped on and discarded, as well as evidence of deformed and diseased salmon.

The shocking video illuminates the truth of how these animals are forced to live. The fish are handled carelessly and cruelly. Similar treatment for a dog or bird would be considered unconscionable. "Despite having a similar ability to feel pain as mammals and other animals, fish do not receive the same protection or consideration.The plight of fish often goes unseen and unheard, but our new exposé brings to light the dire lack of protection for millions of animals raised for food, reported COK,  a Washington, D.C.-based animal rights organization.

Image by: GRUNTVEGAN (CC BY) Adapted from: Compassion Over Killing (CC BY)

COK's undercover exposé of salmon aquaculture in the U.S. exposed "rampant cruelty" at the Maine facility. "Our investigations are truly the only way for the public to see what's actually happening behind those closed doors," said Mike Wolf, director of investigations for the group. The hatchery is part of Cooke's global salmon farming empire, which includes facilities and offices on four continents. 

This investigation also revealed haunting insight from workers at the hatchery, with one saying, "It really bummed me out killing fish like we do. 'Cause they just suffocate. It's so rough. Over the years you kinda get desensitized."


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