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October 23, 2020 - PETA UK

Why the European Parliament Should Relabel Meat, Not Veggie Burgers

Why the European Parliament Should Relabel Meat, Not Veggie Burgers
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Today, the European Parliament discussed banning terms like “veggie burger”, “veggie sausage”, and “cheese-like” because of pressure from farming and meat lobbyists. In a win for common sense, the ban was rejected.

The truth is that labelling on vegan and vegetarian foods isn’t misleading – it’s animal “products” that are the biggest con of all.

The proposed censorship was an attempt to throw a spanner in the works for the booming vegan food industry, which is attracting more and more customers. In the UK alone, over one-third of adults are vegan, vegetarian, or actively reducing their meat consumption. Globally, plant-based proteins are the fastest-growing segment of the food industry. The proposed ban is a desperate effort to derail the growing demand for vegan foods and prop up violent and destructive industries.

If we’re talking labels, foods derived from animals are the ones that warrant scrutiny. Product names are often far removed from any link to the animal exploited for it, all so that buyers don’t associate flesh, milk, or eggs with the individuals they were stolen from.

We have a solution, though. Since farming and meat lobbyists are keen on renaming items in order to be transparent, here’s how we suggest they relabel products that involve the exploitation of animals:

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