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February 13, 2020 - Quartz

Animal activism is a boys' club. Silicon Valley could change that

Animal activism is a boys' club. Silicon Valley could change that
Female vegan protesting for animal rights Credit: PETA

Studies have shown that the animal welfare movement is propelled in large part by vegan activists, and it has been estimated that some 79% are women.

Yet often, the female activists that play an integral role in the biggest achievements of the movement have gone unrecognized. That's been the case for decades, according to activists and academics who've studied animal rights activism. Erica Meier, for one, leads a watchdog group called Animal Outlook, which gets the undercover, boots-on-the-ground activists into dairy farms, slaughterhouses, egg barns, and feedlots to collect images and video footage of how animals are treated. By leading investigations of factory farms, Meier's teams gather the opposition research that can compel the public to vote for animal-friendly laws. It isn't hard to find stories that reference the men behind some of these efforts. But Meier's name, along with many female voices in the movement, often remain conspicuously absent.

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