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October 17, 2020 - The Star Online - Malaysia

Austria's horse-drawn coaches: Proud heritage or animal abuse?

Austria's horse-drawn coaches: Proud heritage or animal abuse?
Enslaved horses in Austria File Image: (c) Photabulous!

Before there were Uber cars and taxis, there were horse-drawn carriages in Vienna, Austria.

Hooves can still be heard clacking on the cobblestone streets of the city centre, where the shiny coaches – known locally as Fiaker – are a major tourist attraction.

Numbers have dwindled since their heyday in the late 19th century, when 1,000 Fiaker roamed the Austrian capital, to 58 coaches currently allowed to operate in the city on any given day.

The bowler-hatted coach drivers feel threatened. City administrators are annoyed by the smelly horses and their scratchy horseshoes, while animal rights advocates want to end the centuries-old trade altogether.

Fiaker horses suffer from “animal cruelty”, the Association Against Factory Farms (VGT) states on its website.

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