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May 23, 2020 - Beef Magazine

BEEF MAGAZINE: Dear Jonathan Safran Foer: Meat is here to stay!

BEEF MAGAZINE: Dear Jonathan Safran Foer: Meat is here to stay!
Beef Cattle File Image: (c) Photabulous!

An inflammatory op-ed titled, “The end of meat is here” spurs this rancher and beef lover to respond.

I often get asked, “Amanda, what are your best tips for being a strong advocate for agriculture?” For me, my guiding principles are to always be kind and be factual. And while that is effective most of the time, sometimes you have to draw a hard and firm line in the sand. Wrong is wrong, and right is right. And in the case of an op-ed that is going viral on social media, titled, “The end of meat is here,” this is definitely one of those times where the wrong is so bad, we must boldly, swiftly and strongly respond to be heard over the noise.

In his piece, Jonathan Safran Foer writes, “If you care about the working poor, about racial justice, and about climate change, you have to stop eating animals.”

I refuse to link to the article, but let me give you a few snippets:

GruntVegan: Link to original NY Times article "The end of meat is here" (behind soft paywall)
Link to excerpt posted on The Vegan Authority, May 21st.

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