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February 18, 2020 - One Green Planet

Coronavirus: The Animal Human Transmission Explained

Coronavirus: The Animal Human Transmission Explained
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Coronavirus is still spreading throughout the globe. These viruses, including coronavirus, SARS, and MERS, can then be transferred to humans.

As humans continue to interact with animals, destroying habitats and getting closer to animals, the spread of disease becomes commonplace. Viruses can mutate in the spread from humans to animals, making them dangerous to both. A common path to infection is if a human eats an infected butchered animal. The virus then easily passes human to human.

Viruses passing between animals and humans has become increasingly common. Science writer David Quammen spoke to NPR about viruses’ transfer from animals to humans. He spoke about habitat destruction and humans “disrupting” all areas of the planet. Quammen said, “We humans are so abundant and so disruptive on this planet. … We’re cutting the tropical forests. We’re building work camps in those forests and villages. We’re eating the wildlife. You go into a forest and you shake the trees — literally and figuratively — and viruses fall out.”

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