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May 22, 2020 - Metro UK

Doctors urge UK to go vegan to avoid future pandemic

Doctors urge UK to go vegan to avoid future pandemic
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The UK needs to drastically cut back its meat intake to avoid a future global health crisis, a group of doctors have warned.

Plant Based Health Professionals (PBHP) say the connection between major disease outbreaks and factory farming is being 'swept under the carpet' amid the coronavirus pandemic, as they join a wave of experts urging people to go vegan.

The virus has brought the world's attention to the illegal wildlife trade, thought to be behind the spread of Covid-19. Scientists believe the bug jumped to humans from bats via an animal host, possibly the pangolin, with early cases related to a wet market in Wuhan, China.

The former coronavirus epicentre introduced a law against the breeding, hunting and consumption of wild animals this week amid mounting global pressure. While that is a welcome step, UK doctors say the exploitation of disease-prone animals is not just a problem for China.

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