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February 07, 2020 - The European Commission

First EU-Wide Report of 'Animal Use' Statistics

First EU-Wide Report of 'Animal Use' Statistics
Tortured Lab Rabbit  File Image: (c) Photabulous!

From The European Commission website:

"For the first time statistical information is collected at EU level not only on the scientific uses of animals for the purposes of research and testing (including animals used for routine production and for the purposes of education and training), but also on the scientific uses for the creation and maintenance of genetically altered animal lines in support of research needs.

Equally, it is the first time that full datasets are available for each use of an animal, allowing for a much more precise reporting. The new reports will also include aspects of animal use, which have not previously been available, for example, on the genetic status of animals and the actual severity experienced by the animals during their use in procedures."

Full PDF report is available here.

Link below also includes preamble, working documents and historical data.

Read more at The European Commission

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