vegan news veganism anti-specieism news animal rights news
vegan news veganism anti-specieisism news animal rights news

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  1. THAILAND: Dozens of elephants risk being sold to Chinese circuses when Covid restrictions end
  2. Australian farm to hold 50,000 crocodiles for luxury Hermès goods questioned by animal welfare groups
  3. Cargill: the company feeding the world by helping destroy the planet
  4. NEW ZEALAND: Protesters to picket world's largest livestock ship in Timaru
  5. Canada's first case of rare H1N2 swine flu variant confirmed in central Alberta
  6. 200 years ago, people discovered Antarctica – and promptly began profiting by slaughtering some of its animals to near extinction
  7. Pangolin patrol: Volunteer team rescues endangered animals
  8. CYPRUS: House passes animal welfare law, beefs up protections and fines
  9. An Oregon mink farm has reported a Covid-19 outbreak
  10. A Plant-Based Diet Can Build Strong Bones

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