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vegan news veganism anti-specieisism news animal rights news

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  1. USA: Citing health threat, Utah animal rights group asks Herbert to shut down mink farm
  2. China Is Building a City of Pig Apartments to Protect Their Herds from Swine Flu
  3. Austria's horse-drawn coaches: Proud heritage or animal abuse?
  4. INDIA: Hyderabad Just Got a Cab Service for Pets and Stray Animals
  5. Divided world is failing COVID-19 test, says frustrated U.N. chief
  6. NEW ZEALAND: Kiwi dogs eat 70,000 possums in a year: Demand for pest pet food grows
  7. Government approves the establishment of the Animal Police in Romania
  8. USA: Hunters kill 328 bears in NJ, more than in all of last year
  9. Brits warned 'do not take US meat at any cost' as chlorinated chicken horror exposed
  10. Turkey farmers fear that, this year, they’ve bred too many big birds

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