vegan news veganism anti-specieism news animal rights news
vegan news veganism anti-specieisism news animal rights news

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  1. BEEF MAGAZINE: Dear Jonathan Safran Foer: Meat is here to stay!
  2. The Netherlands stops live export on animal welfare grounds
  3. US farms are using MORE antibiotics despite warnings that overuse will spread superbugs
  4. Animals may be culled en masse to prevent STARVATION in the world’s zoos as Covid-19 lockdown bites
  5. IRELAND: Peta holds billboard protest outside Leinster House calling for closure of meat plants
  6. Hundreds test positive for coronavirus at BRF meatpacking plant in Brazil
  7. Cheap chicken, beef came at a cost. How American meat plants bred coronavirus hot spots.
  8. Namibia culls elephants to 'protect crops and farmers
  9. Outrage Over £600m Bullfighting Bailout Plan To Save Cruel Blood Sport
  10. Compassionate Conservation, Sentience, and Personhood

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