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June 28, 2020 - World Atlas

Indonesia's Most Iconic Wild Animals That You Must See

Indonesia's Most Iconic Wild Animals That You Must See
Komodo Dragon File Image: (c) Photabulous!

Indonesia is home to many majestic wild animals that are now teetering on the edge of extinction. Among the most unique fauna found in Indonesia is the Komodo dragon.

While they don’t breathe fire, they pack enough venom to inhibit blood clotting, cause massive blood loss, and put its victim in shock with just one bite. The Bali starling, endemic to Bali in Indonesia, is known for its beautiful pure white plumage and blue mask-like streak around its eyes.

Decades of poaching has made the species critically endangered. Another endangered animal that can be found in Indonesia is the Anoa also known as the dwarf buffalo called such for its small size. They are tiny compared to their relatives at only 75 cm tall.

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