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August 22, 2020 - One Green Planet

Leather Is More Than 'a By-Product of the Meat Industry'

Leather Is More Than 'a By-Product of the Meat Industry'
Calf, like those used for leather industry File Image: (c) Photabulous!

Modern society has conditioned us all to believe that certain behavior is acceptable, so for the most part we act blindly without even a second thought. One such behavioral trait is seeing all non-human animals as commodities, believing they have been “put on this planet for us to consume”.

While individuals are increasingly considering the ecological and environmental cost of decisions made, it disappointingly remains the norm to consume animal products, purchase products tested on animals, and wear leather clothing or footwear. In truth, even omnivores can see the cruelty in killing an animal for its flesh, or experimenting on one that is alive and conscious, but almost everyone, including a lot of vegetarians, believes that consuming leather isn’t cruel and moreover, that it’s environmentally friendly.

Why? Because of the common misconception that leather is simply a by-product of the meat industry and that in purchasing it we’re preventing waste. In fact, despite more and more people recognizing how cruel and environmentally destructive the fur industry is, leather remains a popular consumer material.

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