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September 14, 2020 - South China Morning Post

Not just China, Indonesia loves US soybeans too as tempeh popularity booms

Not just China, Indonesia loves US soybeans too as tempeh popularity booms
Tempeh on sandwhich Credit: Food 52

At a farm in Greensburg, a town of 15,000 in the US state of Indiana, Indonesian-born Mayasari Effendi has been producing some 150 packets of tempeh – the Indonesian traditional fermented soybean cake – every week for the past five years.

A rise in health consciousness and home cooking during the Covid-19 pandemic boosted demand for her tempeh , which is sold in packets of about 230 grams each, and the 49-year-old now plans to set up a factory that can produce 1.6 million packets a week.

Mayasari – whose husband’s family also rears pigs and grows corn on the 600-hectare farm (roughly the size of 860 soccer pitches) – intends to distribute tempeh to retailers across the United States and export it to South Korea, Suriname and various African countries in the future. But that is not all.

The naturalised US citizen is involved in efforts between the Indonesian government and Indiana farmers to boost the state’s exports of soybeans to Indonesia , and raise the profile of tempeh as demand for plant-based meat booms.

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