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February 15, 2020 - Chaing Rai Times

THAILAND: Monkeys to Blame for Struggling Coconut Industry

THAILAND: Monkeys to Blame for Struggling Coconut Industry
Monkeys used to pick coconuts File Image: (c) Photabulous!

Thai exporters of coconut milk say they are being spurned by prospective buyers in the E.U. and U.S.because monkeys are used to gather the coconuts.

Thailand has been training monkeys to pick coconuts for around 400 years. However buyers in the west now see the use of monkeys to harvest coconuts as animal abuse. Industry representatives have tried to explain to their trade partners in the West that sending monkeys up the tree to get the coconuts is part of their culture. The more desperate plantation owners have shrugged and sacked the monkeys, turning instead to human labour. However the decline in coconut exports remains a threat to many growers.

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