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Animal Rights


August 29, 2020 - Common Dreams

The Strategic Case for Animal Liberation

The Strategic Case for Animal Liberation
Enslaved Horse File Image: (c) Photabulous!

Ecosocialists view animal rights as the third rail of climate politics. The opposite is true.

Tackling climate change will remake the world. Everything is on the table: not only our energy sources but how we travel, where we work, what we eat.

As Naomi Klein argues in This Changes Everything, the sheer scope creates an opportunity to unite the left’s movements. But there’s one movement Klein—and most ecosocialists—leaves out: animal liberation.

For many on the left, even those sympathetic, animal advocacy simply isn’t a high priority. But if the climate left does not start engaging seriously with animal politics, we will be caught flat-footed in some of the most important debates of the coming decades. Two dilemmas will inevitably arise: first, in confronting the meat question, and second, in wildlife conservation: the potential conflicts between climate action and endangered species, climate impacts on biodiversity, and the role of protecting and restoring habitat in sequestering carbon.

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