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February 05, 2020 - Wild Things Initiative

The Trophy Hunting Industry's Ecological Time Bomb

The Trophy Hunting Industry's Ecological Time Bomb
Zebra File Image: (c) Photabulous!

The state of Texas is rumored to have more than one million exotic animals on private hunting ranches, with many of them being African species. Unfortunately, Texas' exotic animals only serve as ticking ecological time bombs.

The animals may soon become invasive species destroying North American landscapes or transfer poor genetics and deadly diseases to Africa's wild populations. The only difference between these animals being idolized as 'exotic' and demonized as 'invasive' is when they get loose and start damaging native habitats. Invasive species like feral pigs cause billions of dollars in damage annually in the United States. The feral pigs seen today can trace their lineage back to wild Eurasian boar released by hunters in Texas in the 1930s that hybridized with previously domestic feral pigs. The industry is a large risk for the health of both North America's and Africa's wildlife.

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