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February 13, 2020 - Bon Appetit

These Vegan Tacos Are More Than a Trend

These Vegan Tacos Are More Than a Trend
Vegan plant-based taco Credit: Todo Varde

For a growing group of Chicana cooks, eating meat-free is about reclaiming their roots.

It’s Friday night on a busy street corner in Los Angeles’s Koreatown, and Denise Vallejo showers a handful of cilantro over a flour tortilla piled high with grilled seitan and her signature melty cassava-flour-and-cashew cheese. Her “Chicali” taco, a vegan version of the carne asada tacos sold across Mexicali, a city in northern Mexico where Vallejo’s family is from, costs $7, on the higher side for the neighborhood.

But people line up regardless. They’re drawn to her food and her philosophy: that Mexican cooking can be vegan, and that rooting out animal-based ingredients is actually better for Latinx bodies.

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