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February 07, 2020 - Animal Defenders International

UK Largest Killer of Lab Animals in Europe

UK Largest Killer of Lab Animals in Europe
UK uses mice in animal research File Image: (c) Photabulous!

New figures on the use of animals in research reveal that the UK is the highest user of animals in the European Union.

With the scale of animal use at odds with public opinion and scientific evidence which shows such tests are misleading, Animal Defenders International (ADI) calls on the UK Government to do more to facilitate and accelerate the use of advanced, humane science.

  • 9,388,162 animals were used in EU labs in 2017, of which 1,839,079 were in the UK
  • The largest numbers of animals were used in the UK, followed by Germany, France and Spain
  • The most commonly used species of animals were mice (5,707,471), zebra fish and other fish species (1,219,695) and rats (1,146,299)

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