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May 30, 2020 - Live Mint

What connects poultry to pandemics and the future of the planet

What connects poultry to pandemics and the future of the planet
Chicken on intensive farm Credit: PETA

In her new book, senior Peta executive Poorva Joshipura warns of a dire future if our meat and dairy consumption continues unchecked.

Reading Poorva Joshipura’s book, For A Moment Of Taste, as the world struggles to contain a pandemic allegedly caused by the zoonotic transmission of a novel coronavirus, feels surreal but urgent. Currently senior vice-president of international operations with the Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Foundation, Joshipura’s mission is to make you aware of How What You Eat Impacts Animals, The Planet And Your Health, as she says in the subtitle. And the picture she paints is catastrophic.

About 77 billion land animals and trillions of marine ones are killed every year to feed human beings. If the purpose of breeding these hapless creatures wasn’t cruel enough, the life cycle of farm animals is riddled with violence and horror at every stage. Born and raised in overcrowded spaces, they are forced to spend their short time on earth in unhygienic circumstances, then taken to dirty slaughterhouses where they are butchered clumsily, in full view of other animals.

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